When it comes to managing specialist resources in any organisation, aiming for best practise standards is always the best way to approach it, especially with human resources. To achieve best practise, you need a thorough understanding of, and transparency into, your objectives and capacity.

Establishing those best practises means you maximise efficiency and productivity, while overseeing the utilisation of those resources.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. Are we facing challenges around guaranteeing the availability of staff resourcing?
  2. Are we committed to adhering to best practise within our organisation?
  3. Are we making the most of significant software investment?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to one or both of those questions – then you should consider how Univerus Managed Services can address these issues and add significant value to your existing software investment, by extending your team capability with guaranteed resource commitments.

Univerus Managed Services will extend your team capability with guaranteed resource commitments based on your specific usage requirement, including specialist resource requirements – to help improve best practise within your organisation and make best use of your Univerus software. The new service is available to all Univerus customers, and will mean that they will benefit from:

  • Monthly budget commitments, as they can be planned for and locked in
  • Guaranteed access for staff to enable better planning
  • Making best use of existing systems through best practise knowledge
  • Multiple expertise availability

Remember, the implementation and usage of your systems is not just about the software – best practise expertise using monthly contracted specialist resources will really help ensure your ongoing success.

We’d love to chat with you about how our Managed Services offering can enhance your commitment to best practise, so get in touch, and we’ll talk about your requirements.