Serving the community

For local government departments, asset management tools are critical to understanding the resources at their disposal. In turn, they are able to meet the infrastructure requirements of the communities they serve.

  • Service utilities
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Public libraries
  • Government buildings
  • IT infrastructure

Local government objectives

Government departments are typically looking to achieve the following through effective asset management:

  • Develop and implement long term maintenance and improvement plans
  • Optimize financial decision making regarding the renewal and maintenance of assets
  • Maintain or improve the condition of existing infrastructures
  • Limit the costs of planning, building, operating, and maintaining public facilities to stretch funding as far as possible

Configurable Asset Management Solution

Local governments have a diverse range of assets to manage. In order to meet ever-changing requirements, Univerus Assets provides a configurable system that can encapsulate all asset classes across numerous business units.

Our platform helps departments plan for the present, and predict future needs. Users are able to merge multiple data sources for a holistic view of asset performance.