A fully integrated system for public and private sector organizations

The Univerus Assets platform seamlessly integrates with all major GIS, finance, accounting, document management and CRM systems. By utilizing a centralized SQL database, your organization can effortlessly maintain data accuracy and integrity.

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Comprehensive solutions that are ready when you are

Univerus Assets has been designed as a complete, out-of-the-box toolset that allows you to track, plan, predict and enhance all aspects of your asset management. Our technology improves efficiency, reduces operating costs, and increases service delivery for all asset classes.

Software implementation is carried out by our team of technical experts so that your organization can maximize the potential of our tools right away.

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Unique mapping

The Univerus Assets system offers an unrivalled level of GIS integration. Users have real-time visibility of their entire asset network, allowing them to identify patterns and trends before adjusting operations accordingly.

Cloud hosting

Choose between local or cloud-based hosting solutions. Both options provide authorized staff and contractors with secure access through any web-enabled device.


Our fully integrated mobile application empowers your entire team to collaborate in real time. Users can send data to and from the field, while accessing information through an online portal. There is even an offline mode where previous data can be viewed.


Univerus Assets has designed interfaces that are intuitive and easy to navigate. This allows colleagues to accurately perform tasks in a fast and efficient manner, boosting productivity in the process.